VEAI v2.6.4 Basic MS Windows Feature(s)

Microsoft Windows 11:

Hi, I use this awesome software very rarely, but I think the following two features, if they aren’t actually bugs, would be very helpful…

  1. Right click context menue “open with” opens VEAI but no video.
    Maybe this makes no sense if multiple instances are running. For me, if I want to open a video and no instance is running, it does.

  2. short: If no additional video has been loaded into VEAI, the file handle to the last used input file remains open, so it can’t be deleted in the background. In this case your’re forced to close the application. You can reproduce that also by opening a video, process it and click FILE->Close all Videos. Here the same.

I have to fight with the grain functionality ever and ever again (it’s a big riddle for me which amount or size needs to be set :wink: so i play with various VEAI ouput as new input and generally only with copies.

If I want to empty the temp folder in between, I’m not allowed to… weep

Thanks a lot for reading :slight_smile: