VEAI v1.9.0 CLI - selecting grain % and size via command line?

When calling veai.exe from the command line, are there parameters that can be passed in to set the grain % and grain pixel size for that run of the program? When running the GUI version of the program, these values can be adjusted from the Settings box, but the CLI always seems to use the defaults (3%/1.0px).


Bump, I asked the same question in the 2.0 release thread. The defaults changed in 2.0, also. This is pretty important, since unless I happen to want those settings, it make automation with the Gaia HQ model impossible via the CLI. Even saving the settings as a default after changing the grain size seems to not be respected, it always goes back to these system default values.

Everything I want to do with this has got to be automated via the CLI. It takes days to process one file, and I definitely don’t want to babysit this thing to start each new process!

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A little late, but I second this, I’m suddenly in need of having the grain amount accessible through CLI.

Also, there is a bug with default preset not saving grain amount or size, the two might be linked.

I noticed that grain amount and size isn’t saved and was wondering if there was a way to save this, so I am also interested in this issue.

Yes, I’m not able to use the CLI until we have these options. :cry:

I’ve also had it not use the correct model. I noticed after an encode had been running all night that it was using Gaia-CG instead of Gaia-HQ which I missed when I was fixing the grain size after launching it…since I’m using a script that’s hardcoded with the gaia-hq model in the CLI… pretty sure it wasn’t user error :wink:

I have contacted support and Emily promised an engineer had been notified. I would suggest anyone else who cares also open a ticket. This is really important, not really possible to involve it in any kind of automation as long as the CLI is broken.