VEAI Upscaling - Advice sought

I have successfully used VEAI (inluding v2.00) to visually improve the quality of my video files: 8mm, hi8mm, digital video, tape sourced files) with one limitation. The improvement can be seen as long as I keep the enhancement at 100%. If I go to even 1280x720 which is a150% increase, the resultant files do not look good… less sharp. I have used the artemis LQ, (10 and 11) and various Dione models. So my question: what models do you recommend to actually use to improve the quality using the above type of files while resizing (scaling) over 100%? Which models have you found success with these types of files?
Thanks… Barry
BTW: Original files are mainly 720x480, 720x586, 640x480. I no longer have access to the original tapes.

Have you tried doing two passes?

I am currently upscaling my “Blackadder” DVDs. They were originally 720 by 480.

I run through the first pass using the Gaia CGI at 100% (actually, 112.6%).

Then I run THAT through Artemis LQ up to 3840 by 2160p (4K UHD).

I am getting decent results. “Blackadder” is often poorly lit and was filmed in (it says it in the credits) GLORIOUS TELEVISION!

I have found that most models are not that great at upscaling, despite this being the purpose of the application, except for Artemis HQ. The name is misleading, it works about as well on lower quality sources in fact and it’s the only model in my opinion that actually creates natural details. Only drawback might be the very strong denoising, but you can add some grain back to counterbalance that if it’s too much to your tastes.

In any case, I wouldn’t recommend upscaling 480p higher than 720p. The resulting file will be much larger for no real benefits, and sadly we are still a long way from being able to equal the quality of HD material even with high quality SD footage.

Timothy and Axymeus
Thank you both for replying. (I was away from my computer for a couple of days or I would have replied sooner).
Timothy: I had already run all my files but I never tried the Gaia CGI. When I was testing this out I was impressed with the improvement as shown within the program. I only took it up to 720p… but when I Iooked at the actual processed file (video, not within VEAI) the results did not look so good.
Axymeus: I did not test Artemis HQ because my original files were really LQ to begin with. A single run through Artemis LQ at 100% did show improvement, but no one would mistake the results for HD. Using Artemis LQ and MQ yielded unimpressive results when trying to upscale to 720p. I will now test out Artemis HQ for the second run.
Thanks again to both.