VEAI Theia models can't have individual parameters in queue

This bug has been there in at least all 2.x.x versions. It’s weird and it may only affect when you “load last auto save”. If I have multiple videos in queue and I use a Theia model for more than one, all videos using it will get the same parameters. Completely defeats the purpose of being able to “fine tune” anything. I’ve noticed that this is not the case 100% of the time which is why I think it actually only happens when you pick up again after closing it with “load last auto save”

I have encountered a similar issue where a batch of videos with different parameters adopt the settings of the second video. This was not limited to “load last save” or the Theia model.

For example; I used a small clip multiple times to compare variations on the parameters only to find they all come out the same.

I have not tried this with the last couple of updates so cannot say if it still happens.