VEAI still cannot output sound from .mkv files

this render of enhacing details on a clip from an episode of stargate atlantis is wonderful… is just without sound. a shame.

You can always use MKVToolNix to add the audio back in.
Open MKVToolNix GUI, drag the video from VEAI into the window, drag the original video into the window, then unselect the video from the original, leaving the video from the output of VEAI and the audio of the original.

tyvm that can be a solution. but lets be honest a 300 USD software should be able to support ANY format. even current windows 10/11 has a basic editor embedded into the video viewer it has by default, you can call it “movie maker win 10/11 version” cause that is what actually is just barebones. yet VEAI a very expensive software still has problems rendering some video formats like .wmv .mkv older .mp4 etc.