VEAI Settings & User Manual

Hi, first to say that i cant open a new topic in Video Enhance AI Discussion forum at:

Being owner of all topazlabs software, including video enhance ai, it`s strange that i cant open a topic in video forum.

Second, im trying to understand the A.I. models in video enhance ai and i cant found relevant information in the internet, there is any link/guide/manual to explain the differents A.I. models? Im very interested in Theia preset, but they are two presets and like to understand how to setup wisely the sharpen,deblock and denoise. (still didnt understand what deblock does).

I am a beginner here, but I cansay from my pesonal experience that I also j7umped to Theia because it allowed me to adapt some settings. Being a Photoshop user, this seemed to be as close to my regular workflow as possible.
Thing is: this is what is known as artificial intelligence, meaning the puter will go beyond interpretations and will interpret and adapt to local ones.
So it is best to ‘trust’ the AI models.
But we have to learn to know them, and what they do.

RThis page on the site gives a good overview, excepting Dione of course:

Thank you very much. Now need to understand each parameter, still dont understand what deblock does.

i just asked “what is deblocking” with Google and it gave me a definition. My guess is you could enter something like: “Comparing deblocking filters.”

A short definition: it smooths the jagged edges of video that’s been compressed. Jagged edges will become more obvious when you upscale a video.

I would imagine that VEAI “predicts” what actually should be there instead of the “blocky” edges.