VEAI Performance

Hello! i was lucky enough to win 9k at the casino so i bought a small config. I ordered a sapphire rx 6900 xt with 32gb ram and a ryzen 9 3900x. does this software work well with an amd gpu?

Yes, but Intel CPU with faster single core will be better. 12900K with DDR5 outperforms 5950X by 25% in VEAI for now.


Hello, what about the VEAI Performance situation one year later, January 2022 ?

Whaaaaaaat? :persevere:

didn´t change much in the last two weeks :slight_smile:

I’m also running a 3090 and have noticed the same thing when it comes to the odd pulsing coil whine noise, though I’m not having any completion time issues.

All my Pro GPUs make noise when running software on TL.

The software also really demands power.

Because a second GPU brings about 23 - 25% more in gigapixel and denoise (2x RTX 5000) I wonder if a single Radeon Pro W6800 (RX 6800/XT) would also manage what the two Nvidias do.

Any suggestions?