VEAI: Models try to download when computer is offline

Hi everyone,

I usually have my Mac online, but when I am out and about and I don’t have a good connection and try to use Video Enhance AI, the software STILL tries to download the fastest model, despite there is no internet connection active at all!

So the program hangs at downloading status 0% and I can’t use it anymore.

I tried to tell the software not to look for models online, but it still tries to download “the fastest version” for my computer.

I’m on an Intel MacBook Pro (2018) with Monterey.

First, please make sure to preview all models prior to going offline. It sounds like you already have your model downloads set to “never,” however, if you do not, you will want to make that change.

If you keep running into this issue, can you open up a support ticket?

Actually I set VEAI to download and keep all models as much as possible, but it keeps downloading for some reason. I will retry and send a support request if necessary…

When the server went down a couple of months ago I couldn’t use the program, thinking it was down to this same issue, of not being able to download the models, I downloaded all available models. Honestly this is not the issue as I found after, basically you can’t use the software offline no matter if you have all the models or not simply because it won’t let you if it can’t verify you’ve paid for it by connecting to your user account. So people who have genuinely paid for it are unable to use it if their internet connection drops or if Topaz server goes down. A big suck this to paying customers in my opinion.

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