VEAI Models + Performance Guide

Currently, some models are broken, so I can only use Gaia CG atm. I’m remastering some Japanese movie series. You can find them here:

I’m using air cooler for everything. And it’s even cooler than AIO I used before. Kinda weird. NH-D15 btw.

I see. Thank you for the answer.

RTX 3090 x2 (no NVLink) + 5950X
Gaia HQ + CG => from 0.43 to 0.30

About 28% performance increased. Double the performance for sure. But also double the power consumption which makes my room’s electricity very unstable.

I shall ask you later about precessing speed vs my set (old, muuuch weaker). I shall send you the Wetransfer link two files, one for 480p to 4K and the second one 1080p to 4K. It seems GAIA HQ is the most demanding, yes?

Gaia models use GPU only. So the precision is much higher in pixel level than CPU in Artemis I guess.

My power supply is just a 1200W unit. It could not handle the peak power draw of 2x RTX 3090 (no nvlink). I could not find Corsair 1600W anywhere, so I decided to reduce their power limit to 50%. Yes, 50%. With this limit, VEAI + reduce machine load could process Gaia HQ + CG at 0.34s/f. Which is double the performance of 2080 Ti OC. Imagine they can draw 115% each. I bet it will run around 0.25s/f which is equal 3x 2080Ti OC. Reduce render time from 8 hours/25m 1080p footage => 3 and a half hours. Both GPU running at under 55°C compared to 70°C 2080Ti OC full power. Now I know why RTX A6000 is so expensive now because of its 250W without peak power draw like Geforce gaming cards and 15% boost in fp16 and fp32 performance. If you want to run dual GPU, consider quadro cards only.

In VEAI v2.1.1, there’s a bug that reduce machine load will increase performance by 15%. Don’t forget to turn it on (only works for some people). Tested with RTX 3090 and RTX 2080.

Someone had created an “all model downloader” that used to be linked in one of these forums. Anyone know if it’s still around?

Updated presets and new 480p -> 4K upscaling method with zero artifact + super resolution.
DVD/VCD to 4K:

  • Gaia CQ + no grain + 100% denoise and deblock => use Adobe Premiere Pro to upscale to 4K (use Noise HLS Auto (Grain) + Unsharp Mask in Premiere also if you prefer more sharpness) + Use Maximum Render Quality + high bitrate (50+ mbps for 4K).

Please watch some Youtube videos about Adobe Premiere Pro before using this method. It will help you achieve amazing results.

I use DaVinci Resolve and it seems upscaling is better in Topaz to be honest. Any suggestions?
I have started to use the following path as someone had suggested:
480p x4 AAA-9 and then downsampling with Artemis HQ to 1080p. The footaga is not very sharp but clean. Below I give you the original, AVI do ProRes 422, could you prepare 1080p footage according to your technique? I wonder if I could use DaVinci to check the path:

Later today I shall send you upscaled file. I also used GAIA CG but there are left some artefacts on surfaces.
Artemis AAA9 x4 and down to 1076p with AHQ 12

and GAIA CG but directly to 1080p and as someone once wrote, Topaz scales x2 or 4x.

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I just want to update this old post about my PSU. I just did an RMA with Corsair on my HX1200 and the new PSU arrived today. I tested the new one with 100% power at stock, no adjustments. Fortunately, it worked perfectly with 25% less power draw from the power source. I have a Kill A Watt meter and it really showed 900W with my old HX1200 (2019 model). Then the new HX1200 (2021 model) reduced my PC total power draw from 900W to 650-700W. Amazing. If you have any kind of problem like I had, please consider RMA your PSU and get a new one. You will save a lot of money and your PC components life span. I believe PSU brands did some upgrades for the current products to handle Nvidia 3000 Geforce series.

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Just wanna let you guys know that VEAI v.2.2.0 still runs faster on my machine with “Reduce machine load” enabled. Low power consumption + PC runs smoothier + 30% performance boost.

I think that too.

For fast power switching GPUs like Ampere or Navi 2 you need bigger capacitors.

Read new method for upscaling with less to none artifacts here.

Is Gaia CQ a typo? Do you mean Gaia CG or Gaia HQ for the 480p -> 4k upscaling method?

Yea, sorry, Gaia CG.

Thank you for this detailed guide! I was just going to ask if something like this existed.

Hope you find it useful. Thanks.