VEAI is Trash, uninstalled today, sick and tired of the crashes and lost progress

Gaia desaturates the colors, particularly red, out of the image. I have some 12+GB files of 45 min length that are nearly triple the size of the original 1080p file (1440p after upscaling) and comparing them side by side, the upscaled content via Gaia is marginally sharper but Gaia sucks all of the color out of the image. I’m referring to skin pigment, use your imagination.

Then, while I’m comparing the files and rendering a 720x480 file in the background with 5 minutes left of 4 hours of processing with a 3090 @ 30% load (total machine power usage 300w) the program just crashes to desktop and the entire rendered file is lost.

This is all after having VEAI just CTD if Proteus version 3 is selected.

I’m basically done with this software. Flame on, I don’t care. Complained numerous times about the crashing and lost progress and nothing about the software is ever changed. How hard is it to not destroy the file in progress that is lost when the program crashes?

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Maybe you should raise a support request at the main website as it doesn’t seem to be a common issue? It could be related to the hardware you are using.

This will fix incomplete files 90% of the time.

Obviously you still have to finish off the upscale after recovering the file.

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that is why i tend to process the source video to images so I can in theory continue with the next frame from where it crashed. except in the new 3.x versions where no frame numbers are shown.

Thanks for this suggestion, I will look into this! Does anyone else have the problem where they are unable to drag and drop video files onto Topaz? Thanks for any and all help.

Ya I feel ya. I’ve been trying to tell Topaz that it needs to increase processing to 100%