VEAI Export speed

ok, I don’t understand has VEAI got slower??? I have a 10min video 1920x1080 using Artemis HQ, 100% denoise preset and it says 22h to export???

I don’t remember it was so long? Especially for a 10m video…

I have a Mac pro, 16 core, 96 Go, AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo 32 Go…

It’s really annoying, why this has not been improve??

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I don’t know if the process is slower, but in my experience the estimated times are much longer.

I recently processed a video which had an estimate of 2 hours, after 20 mins it was halfway through and still estimating an hour remaining.

I would suggest trying a small portion - perhaps 30 seconds of the video - and see what happens.

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ETA is broken since about 2 versions. The real process time should be at least twice less than what is indicated.


So what can I do? I’m halfway the export and it’s still 15h left !??
and i have 3 other videos of 10 minutes…this is impossible!

does this mean i should install an older version of VEAI?

The time estimate is way off in my experience. I’ve had it say it’s going to take 13 hours but then it only takes 5. You’re actually better off using a timer and doing some math.

I used to have around 13h export but for a 1h video…not 10 min!
I’m trying with an older version and it’s the same estimation time!

Hmmm, does it use the gpus?

yes!! it does

I just purchased last month and I have noticed a huge increase in the time it takes to finish after the most recent update. I have a 1 hour clip that is probably going to take 2 days to finish. I love the software and love that they keep improving it and adding updates so this isn’t really a complaint. This software has changed my entire video editing workflow but I am really having to shuffle to keep on track. I was literally online yesterday looking for a second computer just to run this software. With all the bitcoin miners snapping up the GPUs that is quite a struggle. I will say from what I have read the source files make a huge difference in the time it takes to complete. I am not upscaling at all but the source footage is Ultra 4K so I just attributed the longer processing times to that since I wasn’t cleaning up Ultra 4K previously.

Well…I’m new to this software. Had it for around 2 weeks but in that time I’ve been using it constantly. My main reason is I have a series that is very low quality (not available on DVD) the sound is fine but video is over-compressed blurry…a 48 min file is 144 mb…This software has been a miracle for these files. But the processing time is super fast relatively speaking (for these files) It takes 3 to 4 hours for each file. But other things I’ve thrown at this software are MUCH longer…Like another series with equally bad video quality and only 30 min’s long each, takes twice as long…So it is something within the source…What I don’t understand is that no matter what model or settings or resolution - it’s the same slowness no matter what. Like it doesn’t matter. That file will crawl slowly in the process no matter what settings you choose. I don’t get it.

I think there is a problem they should resolve…when i first tried this program it was not that long to export!
I doesn’t make me want to use it anymore, it’s too long to wait
i hope they will read this and fix this problem

hoping this is fixed with 2.5 :confused: whenever that is?

The V2.5 is skipped, the next version will be V2.6

Here is the changelog of V2.6.0.3b

For me it reports double the actual time

is there a link or place we can go to see this changelogs for the betas?