VEAI Estimated File Size Request

Im not a software engineer or developer so I don’t know how possible something like this would be, but if the Video Enhance AI software could include even a “rough” estimation of the file size when the upscaling would be completed it would be very useful for me and im sure some others.

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hi, the only way actually is to do a test on a 10 second video and check the bitrate … or look at the weight of the images if it is in sequence of images …

Thats only possible if the bitrate is fixed and the framerate also is known (best be fixed). So outputting a constant framesize at a fixed bitrate (like TIF) gives the possibilty to do that. With the mpeg output it´s impossible, since the bitrate changes depending on the content of the picture. Of course, a rough estimate cold implemented (I already here the people:" but software X does it"…), but in my opinion, for a non-fixed bitrate this is pointless… If you have a movie that starts out as a still-picture-cgi cartoon and then turns over into a full blown action movie, the estimate of the first minutes will be totally off :slight_smile:
fro the cases where it makes sense - why not implement stuff like that.