VEAI Crashes

From my usage with it, Topaz Video Enhance AI is pretty crash prone. The reliability is turning into such a big problem that I’m considering alternatives.

For example, I’ve got a source file that was pulled from DVD via MakeMKV. Ran it against ffmpeg to fix the variable video rate and hard-set to 30fps. Everything in my arsenal will load the file. Bring it up into Topaz. Process the fixed frame file to Dione Interlaced TV. If I re-load the processed video back into Topaz, it immediately crashes. Other tools (Handbrake, VLC, Serato, etc) can all load and play the file fine. If I take the fixed frame file and process it with Handbrake to crop it, same tools process that file fine, but loading into Topaz will crash it. So there are clearly bugs in Topaz somewhere.

What information does Topaz Labs need to take care of these sorts of problems? Does sending the crash report to Apple actually get to Topaz?