VEAI crashes

I have been using VEAI for a few months and I am really happy with what it can do. I have a recurring problem with it though. I am using it on different machines with the same OS (Catalina) but with different hardware specs.

On my main machine (Catalina, 2 x 2.4 GHz 6-core, 64 GB RAM, Radeon RX 580 8 GB) it seems to crash constantly. I know the issue is not the video source because on a second or third try the conversion is completed. But it is extremely frustrating when you “clean” a video and it crashes after 36-48 hours of processing. In order to avoid this I split the video in smaller chunks, then I join them together with MKVToolNix. But even so, it still happens.

Another annoying thing about this is that after crash and reopen the app, if you try to load the last save it provides an error stating that it can not continue writing which is odd because the disk is formatted as HFS+ and all the permissions are correct.

On the other hand, the other 2 machines with a different hardware (mainly less powerful GPU) but same OS seem to be running fine.

Anyone else has these issues?

PS: I had the same issue in the past with lower versions of VEAI (now using v2.6.4).