VEAI Bug or Intended?

This keeps getting moved back to Discussion.
I want a Dev to look at this please.
I posted this in Bugs for a reason.

At the end of September (2021), my Video Enhance AI upgrade ‘subscription’ expired (I didn’t get any notification) and to my horror, when I tried launching it on a working installation (running 2.4.0, released on August 5, 2021) it was no longer licensed. (I renewed my upgrade license and it’s working now but the fact that software that I had purchased and the upgrade I had paid for stopped working bothers me greatly.)

It was my understanding that the upgrade ‘pack/subscription/etc’ would basically give us a year of upgrades, not to allow the software we already purchased to continue to work.

So if this is a bug, please fix it. If it’s as intended, please rethink this policy. While I’m not wild about annual upgrade fees, I do know that software development of this sort isn’t cheap and developers like to eat too. In that context, I’m okay with paying for upgrades, what I’m not okay with is having software that was covered by the previous upgrade fees no longer working if I haven’t renewed the upgrade fee.

The way it should work is like this:

I pay my upgrade fee in July 2021, any versions released between July 2021 and July 2022 (assuming I don’t renew) should continue to work be it in September 2022, November 2025 or anytime before the apocalypse (assuming it can still talk to the mothership to validate the license).

Coding wise, this is pretty simple, the software knows what version it is, the license server should know when that version was released and when the upgrade fee was active. It’s not that hard.

My VEAI upgrade plan also expired on 30 September but v2.4.0 still works as expected (I’m on Windows 10). Probably a bit late to ask now, but are you sure you didn’t need to just log in?

As this is a user to user forum you need to raise a support request at the main website. Instructions on the banner.

This isn’t a support thing.

I tried logging in and it wouldn’t let me use the software until I bought the upgrade package (again, this is my 2nd year).

Believe me it is a support thing, this is a user to user forum.

… whatever

This is why I hate forums.

This keeps getting moved back to Discussion.
I want a Dev to look at this please.

Then you’ll need to raise a support request on the main Topaz website. As Don has explained, this is a user to user forum.