VEAI - Audio Refinement

The Topaz engineers have taken this AI utility to amazing heights. Are there any plans for a future program that will do the same for Audio Refinement? That would be a blessing to those of us that are involved with Video production.
Dennis Freeman

I have a cartoon that has a bunch of film grain on it. I feel like cartoons don’t need or benefit from having it, so I tried Artemis Medium Quality on it and it takes out the grain really well. I looked in a bunch of random sections and am not seeing any artifacts. It really looks like it’s just taking the grain out.

That got me thinking about audio. If that cartoon were to be audio, it would have very noticeable white noise like a cassette tape or a vinyl record. It’s steady and you tend to mentally tune it out, but it doesn’t have to be there. It shouldn’t be hard to make a model that can remove white noise from audio just as well as Artemis removes film grain from cartoons.

The biggest issue to this would be getting the audio back into Dolby and DTS formats. That alone would make the cost go up substantially.

they are already working tools to do that in the music world for this.
Steinberg Spectralayers, Izotope RX, Waves Z-noise, etc … so many…

Oh I have StereoTool. It’s amazing once you figure out how to use it. Its declipper works much better and more automatically than Izotope RX—At least the trial version I tried of RX. It’s not made with movie audio in mind though.
What Topaz Labs could do is make something just for movie audio. It would need to be able to have Dolby/DTS in and same quality Dolby/DTS out. Some of the models I can think of would be 2 channel to 5.1, and noise reduction/removal.