VEAI 3 feature request list

Suggestions for VEAI beta V3 and final release versions.

1- source clips should be arranged horizontally with smaller thumbnails as is currently possible in VEAI V2.6.4. I find having to scroll up or down to be cumbersome versus arrange the clips in a timeline horizontally.

2- Trimming in and out point icons should be in the playhead area instead of having to click the scissors icon first.

3-The timeline timecode should reflect both the original source clip timecode and VEAI timeline timecode.

4- On the Topaz Labs website create a reference table outlining the correct field dominance for legacy standard def video formats such as NTSC and PAL Betacam SP, Mini DV, DVCAM, VHS, 8mm, 3/4” Umatic, 1”.

This chart will be helpful for users who decide to set the field order manually but are not aware of what the correct field dominance is. Auto detect would be the easy route to use but users should be aware of what the correct field dominance is based on the source material for their own education.

5-Currently VEAI V3.0.0.2 Beta temporary preview files are not removed after leaving the application.

Add a User Preference to allow either to “keep or delete” the temporary preview files. This is especially important if the user leaves the default temporary file folder location which is located on the primary boot drive.

A user may not realize this will quickly fill up their boot drive unless they change the temp folder location to an external scratch drive. In any case the value of keeping the temp preview files is only valid if the project can be saved and recalled later for review or modification.

6- Add the ability for the VEAI GUI to be displayed on two separate GUI display monitors. The user can select which of the GUI monitors displays the source file gallery versus the GUI model and preview interface.

7-Add the ability for VEAI to route the preview or exported file to an external Video I/O card such as Blackmagic Decklink or Ultrastudio 4K Mini for viewing directly on an external reference HD or 4K SDI or HDMI monitor. This workflow will speed up the process of reviewing files without having to alternate between another application such as Davinci Resolve to review the exported file image quality on a HD or 4K external reference monitor.

8- Add the ability to create, save and modify individual VEAI project files as this would be quite useful when working on separate client jobs. An ideal long form documentary workflow would be to separate source “Camera rolls” into individual projects for processing.

For a long form documentary project involving dozens or hundreds of camera original rolls creating individual projects based on a user defined project name(s) would be very useful. In addition re-loading past projects into newer versions of VEAI will allow re-processing the files with new features and improvements.

9-Add ability to create user defined filename prefix and/or suffix to a exported file. This should be saved as part of a User preset.

Currently in VEAI V2.6.4 the file name prefix is part of the VEAI Preferences and is globally applied regardless of the preset recalled.

10- Add ability to modify and re-save a user preset.

11-Add ability for user to insert a custom watermark text or logo in a specific location on the exported image.

Tony S