VEAI 3.2.6 won't open any file

VEAI 3.2.6 won’t open any video file on my computer. I’ve tried a range of (supported) file formats but nada. Drag-n-drop does exactly nothing. Manual open (Browse…) lists video files to open, but just goes round in circles back to the Open dialogue box when you choose a file.

I also still have v3.2.5.0.b on my computer and that won’t open any files either. But I’m sure it used to (before I installed the 3.2.6 release?).

At the same time, VEAI 2.6.4 is working just fine on the same computer.

I attempted to create a clean log file. But after deleting existing old logs, running VEAI 3.2.6, turning logging on, and attempting to open three different kinds of supported file formats, there’s NO log file at all. So nothing was recorded.

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Removing config files from AppData\Local didn’t help.

Finally discovered that in a system rebuild two weeks ago (drive failed), I’d reorganised my drives and folders and the drive:folder the Models are stored no longer existed. I keep these Gb of files NOT on Drive C.

VEAI 2.6.4 didn’t warn me my Models folder was missing, but at least graciously defaulted back to the default directory on Drive C and proceeded.

VEAI 3+ just folds its arms and gives you the silent treatment. No reported error, but it won’t work and doesn’t tell you the Models folder is missing or offer to fix it. In 3.x I manually set the Models folder in Preferences and viola, all started working normally.

Please add this problem handling to v3.x and to select a new folder (with Default folder as an option) if given Models folder doesn’t exist.


What about posting in the correct forum section?

Well, Sergio, I was having “issues” with several versions of VEAI. So it seemed to me that the best section was “VEAI Bugs and Issues”, which is right here. If you think there’s a better place, say what it is and why rather than just criticizing where the post was put.


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