VEAI 2.4 Where are my models?

So, I upgraded to V. 2.4 recently and I have trouble finding the selection of models that used to be there.

In 2.3 the list was pretty long, and now all I have is

  • Artemis HQ/MQ/LQ
  • Chronos
  • Dione DV/TD/TV
  • Proteus

Despite having selected the “All” tab, Gaia is gone, and I thought there should be others as well.

How can I find them? (And no, “view only favourites” is not selected)

Press Ctrl + . to open the Model Manager. Check on the models that you want it to show on the main tab.


It’s Command-. on Mac though, but I also found it hidden in the menu bar, there is no button in the UI for it. But good to know where to look.

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I had the same question.

I have another question, but I don’t come here often enough to be allowed to ask one independently.

The “start at” frame control isn’t working correctly. I entered in start at frame 5951, but it starts at frame 11902. Which is pretty freakin’ random!