VEAI 2.3 thoughts

So, Proteus is amazing. As far as I can tell, it is allowing you to dial in enhancements from Gaia and Artemis models – enhancements you had to luck into in the past. It’s great particularly for adding detail when downsampling (nb: my use case is unusual, I am using VEAI in conjunction with other tools to create art).

I haven’t taken the time to play with Chronos yet, because I have other solutions for frame gaining/tweening – would it be easy to allow the Chronos algo to do simple speed ups too? i.e., i have a 30 minute 2fps video, speed it up 15x and make it 30fps, same frames? have not found a quick way to do this other than bringing into Premiere.

Hi! Chronos will only slow down your video right now (or maintain speed but increase FPS) but this is a great feature request. If you’d like you can submit this and any other feature requests/feedback through the Help menu directly in the application :slight_smile:

Cool, will do! Thx!

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