Varying the sharpening in Photo AI

I bought Photo AI after testing the Sharpen AI standalone and finding that it did a great job recovering a face suffering motion blur. It still does a great job, but is there some way to adjust sharpening in other areas of the photo?
The first image shows the nice job the motion blur sharpening did on the face. However, the edge of his jacket and her flowers are way oversharpened. In the second photo, I brushed out those two areas, and in the final screenshot, you can see it fixed the edge of his jacket, but now the flower need SOME sharpening. (Her dress detail is probably oversharpened, but hey, they pay for that detail and want to see it in the photo) Is there any way to dial in half the sharpening to the flowers or other details?

@michael.keller-4022 Great question.

It looks like you’ve found how to selectively sharpen parts of the photo using a manual mask which is the recommended workflow what you’re trying to accomplish.

You can also try turning on Upscale and setting the scale to 1x if you don’t want to enlarge the image. It will enhance the overall resolution and do minor denoise and deblur.