Various problems with Themis thm2

Problems with “thm2” (Themis) that were not existing with “thm1”:
1- The wood (like a wall with fake wood) is degraded in some areas
2- Same problem with the fabric fibers (cotton) in close-up
3- There is also a problem with skin (like abs) which looks like “posterized”.

I think that 1 and 2 happen because thm2 “confuses” the very fine similar “lines” of the wood or the fabric (maybe it “believes” that there is “motion blur” there).

→ Please how is it possible to use thm1 ? Is there a way to download it somewhere and to put it in the right directory?
thm1 was perfect, the images were crystal-clear (for exactly the same scenes), it was really perfection.
But sadly, now that thm2 has been released, I cannot use Motion Deblur anymore, as it “ruins” my clips, quite a lot.
For me it’s nonsense.
thm1 was perfect, so why changing ?
If thm2 is good for the other users, if they don’t have or see these obvious problems, well, that is good for them…

The laptop used has Windows 11 and a Geforce GPU.
But anyway there was no problem at all with thm1. I just need thm1.
I asked various times to email support, in vain…


Hi Eric,

We will have a new beta version of the app releasing tomorrow that includes the ability to import legacy models like Themis v1


I’ll reply again in this thread with a link to the installer once it is available.

Fantastic, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I can’t wait for the beta version that you said :slight_smile:

Hello! Here’s the release thread for the beta build. I’ve added you to the Video AI beta testers group so this thread will be accessible to you when logged in.

Hello and thanks again.
I cannot find any REPLY button anymore in that thread (beta testing).
I installed the beta but thm1 in it has the same problems as thm2, that I described there in the thread (no one answered).
Worse, today I installed the latest beta and Themis V1 disappeared.
And there are the vertical/horizontal problems that I said.
How to be able to post in that thread, and to have someone paying attention ?

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Hi Eric, this thread was closed as a new Beta has been released. You will see the link to that updated Beta at the bottom of the v3.2.3.0b thread .

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