Van Gogh's Bunnies

Using Topaz Studio 2, I took a JPG version of a photo from this past summer, increased saturation slightly, then added a slightly modified “Van Gogh” look/filter to it. I am a photo purist at heart, and do not like to do any more “post-processing” for natural photos than I have to - I’d much rather train the camera to create a usable JPG out of box. However, at times, you need to be able to use the RAW. However, creating “art” based upon my photograph intrigues me to some degree, and I see perhaps some greeting cards coming up at some point. Here’s an “after” and “before” copy of Van Gogh’s Bunnies. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Processed via TS2 - modified Van Gogh look.

Downsized original JPG out of camera.


Nice …

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Nice work …

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Thanks! I am thinking over some years’ worth of photography and considering what could follow this in style. Someone over on Instagram said it looked like an illustrated children’s book image. I rather like the idea, and may do a series of some sort.


They are right as it certainly has an “enchanted” look…

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