Van Gogh Effect

In light of the recent movie “Loving Vincent” I am looking for a tutorial using Topaz products that has the “Starry Night” look. There are some others in You Tube but I havent found one that looked the way I wanted and I wondered if I am missing one from Topaz Labs. The Van Gogh effects in Impression is not enough to go on. If there is a tutorial or tips from someone, I would be grateful. Thanks!

Just make your own Starry Night - I did. Not aware of any starry night presets in Topaz. Don’t ask how I did this because it was awhile back and don’t remember the details :grinning:


Thank you Michigander for posting your image. I always alter presets anyway. I was just hoping someone had some experience with a tutorial or tips that would save time with some shortcuts using Topaz and not be overly complicated :slight_smile: I use PSE and Topaz filters. Some of the Van Gogh effects are awesome but lengthy and specific to CS5,6 or other.