V7 installed but not usable

I was in the middle of a retouching job, went to open Gigapixel from the “automate” menu in Photoshop 2024 on my Mac Studio running Ventura 13.6.3. I got the box that offered the upgrade. I downloaded it, it installed, I logged in to authenticate it, it said I was good to go. Now when I try to launch from within Photoshop it opens a window that allows me to drag and drop or browse but it does not recognize the file types I want to open. Meaning .psd or .psb grayscale or rgb.
Previously I could apply Gigapixel to any file type as long as it was rgb because I opened it from within Photoshop. If I can no longer open Gigapixel from within Photoshop as I work on a file, first I would like to be notified of that by Topaz and second I would like to go back to the previous version.
I was quite happy with how the previous version worked.
Please don’t ask me to upgrade to versions of your software that work substantially different without giving me the information first. 20 years ago this would have been alright now it is embarrassing.

Follow up to previous post. Gigapixel 7 eventually completely locked up my computer while trying to drop a .tiff file into the “open” Gigapixel window. After re-start the software seems to be working as expected. It will now launch from within Photoshop and I can apply Gigapixel as before the upgrade.
A simple prompt to restart after installation would have saved a lot of time and confusion.