V3.3.10 Priorisize Height does not adjust the width

If several files are to be at the same height, the width is not adjusted, but the format of the first video is applied to all of them.
Thus, this feature is useless and you have to edit each video individually. In version 3.3.5 it worked without any problems.

So unfortunately I have to switch back to 3.3.5. I hope this currently useless function will be revised as soon as possible.

It looks like aspect ratio is locked, is that the point of friction? If you unselect this will the file format correctly?

If you deactivate Lock aspect rato lock, there is no priorisize height anymore.
The function is then switched off, please check in the program itself.
It remains a massive error: See above.

In Version 3.4.0 ist the same problem

Thank you, I have shared your feedback with our team.

Are you already a member of our Video Beta Tester group?

Topaz Ai v3.4.1
The width is still calculated incorrectly.
So switch back to version 3.5.5.

I’m not a beta tester

Thank you for following up with me.

You want all videos to be scaled to a height of 2160 with a width determined by the aspect ratio of each video is that correct? If so, it seems that this is a batch issue that we will need to look into.

Yes, exactly this.

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Understand, thank you for sticking with me! We have added this to our development pipeline for a future fix.

Same in version 3.4.3

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