V3.1.1 is 10% slower than v3.0.1 on Apple M1 Max*

*maximum attainable speed on Mac Studio M1 Max (via parallel processing)

With v3.0.1, I can get 25.4 FPS in total across 6 processes when 2x upscaling 720x576 with Artemis.

With v3.1.1, I can only get a maximum of around 22.8 FPS and that’s only achievable by using different processing settings for each process.

While I acknowledge that single file performance has increased significantly in v3.1.x, it is really frustrating that after all the changes, the current version is still not getting the most out of the Mac M1 (Max) and is provably slower than before, by around 10%, in terms of maximum attainable speed.

I’m really hoping that before long, a new version of TVAI on my Mac can get above the 25 FPS (the original video frame rate) for a single file. Then I’ll be able to just open up the MKV file while it’s being written and stream to the TV in real time. It’s not feasible at the moment as I only get around 16.5 FPS single file.