V3.0 Duplicate Files Exported?

Downloaded and installed 3.0. Am upscaling SD to 4k. Results outputs 2 files per file. One has the chf3_dd3.mov suffix the other has the tvai_mov suffix. Both are ABOUT the same size. Not sure why I get two file outputs for every file output. Can someone explain please?

@Martyprod This looks to be like my issue as well. I’ll see what info I can get when I’m back home this evening.

I didn’t start a thread but posted similar issue here:
Topaz Video AI v3.0.0 - Product Releases / Topaz Video AI - Topaz Discussion Forum (topazlabs.com)

yes i saw this issue reported before, but i don’t have it on my computer. Let’s see if a new version / fix will be published tomorrow too and fix that bug. but usually the two files are normal, it’s just that once the software closed or the export finished, the second file must be removed.

I have the same issue. Looking at the properties of the files, it appears that the file with the model based extension is copied to the file with the ‘tvai’ extension.

If you look at the file creation and modify dates, the first file (with model) has a start and last modified date that are significantly different, while the ‘tvai’ files where created and last modified at the same time.