V2 Adjust lighting and color will not turn off

Just trying V2. The first photo I used it on did a great job. The next one shifted both the color balance and lighting, in very bad ways, even when these beta options were turned off. Basically unusable if I can’t turn off those adjustments.

I don’t understand why it worked well on the first image, then change behavior. On the second photo, I tested V2 noise removal and the preview looked fine, so I saved it and in Lightroom, the DNG was terrible. I tried again using V2 noise removal and same issue. On the first image, I only used V1 and didn’t try the V2 button. It almost seems like using the V2 button turned on something behind the scenes.

If I turned on the lighting and color adjustments, the preview looked like what had been exported with them off. Turning these adjustments off again the imported image still had the adjustments applied.

Canon R5 raw files.

Thanks for reaching out. We have a known issue with using the Adjust Lighting and Balance Color models with Raw files outputting incorrectly.

We are working on a fix. For now, we recommend not outputting a DNG with these filters turned on.

Actually, the filters are off and it is still applying the changes. Wish I could just turn it off and have it work😩

If you are seeing color shift if the preview unrelated to the AI filters, then it may be a conflict with your monitor color space.

Please try saving the image, as the output will have correct colors even though the preview does not.

Let me know if that is working as expected for you.

One potential fix is to toggle the Preferences > General > Enable sRGB fallback option to get the preview colors looking correct.

Thanks. I am traveling through the end of the month, so I can’t check this right now.

Will do, let me know what you find.

Most recent update and it is still changing the colors when running. The original photo is a CR3, the result of the sharpening is the DNG. Note the strong shift in the sky color from blue to much more turquoise color. I really don’t understand why this is happening. I can adjust the hue in LRC, but why should I have to do that? Note that the saturation is increased after processing in Photo AI as well; look at the stone cliffs below the lighthouse.

Until this is fixed,I really can’t recommend this broken software to any photographers. I feel like you have pushed out a BETA test as a “working” release. When will this be fixed?



Not quite as bad with that toggled on, but still a noticeable shift. I don’t know how to trust the output if I can’t preview what it will actually be. I will have to use another product until you figure out how to not mess around with saturation when you are only supposed to sharpen or remove noise. Topaz worked fine prior to the last couple of “new improved” versions. Big step backward for what had been my goto program for removing noise and sharpening. See below photos.


Original CR3


Processed image with the setting toggled OFF


Slightly less, but still totally unacceptable, image with setting toggled ON.

This is what DXO DeepPRIMEXD does. Actually, no noticeable shift in colors or saturation. This will have to be my goto app until Topaz gets PhotoAI fixed.


I retested the image in PhotoAI making sure that I had not done any processing in LRC, which I had on the first pass, but only auto adjust, no masks, etc. This comparison is with the setting you mentioned turned on.




Can you share a sample file with me so I can check the output? It looks like there is a color shift with this camera file, not related to the setting I shared above or the Lighting and Color AI models we released.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

I just uploaded the CR3, several DNG’s, and the XMP files for the images I shared. My R5 is set to Adobe RGB colorspace.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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