V2.2.0 Purchased, Activated, Stuck in Demo Mode on Mac Sonoma 14.3

Installed and used starting in Nov 2023. Now it does not recognize previous activation.
Stuck in Demo mode.

iMac System Report.spx (6.2 MB)

Topaz Photo AI v2.2.0 on Mac

Have you recently been able to log into your Topaz Labs account in a web browser with the account’s proper information?

If so, then the apps should also connect to your account. If they do not please make sure you do not have any VPN, proxy servers or anti-virus software running that can cause connection issues for the apps to reach our servers.

You can also clear your cookies and cache in the web browser you use and then log back in before clicking the activate option in the app.

If you continue to experience problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply. After taking further steps to verify the underlying issue(s), I decided to upgrade to 2.3. Seemed to be the simplest way to move forward.


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