V1.10.4 Issues with Save As & Batch Processing (Output Folder Selection)


Hi Kevin,

With Save As …

If you look to select the Output Folder the first time it shows that you are saving as TIFF for the first time even though JPEG is selected?

With Batch Processing …

If you move or clear the Images from the last output folder and select in agan it warns you that the Folder is not empty, even though it is, and then throws you back to the Disk root directory.

Then if you select the folder again there is no problem.

I’ve added this to the list for investigation

Hello AiDon,

I cannot reproduce this issue. Do you have sub-folders in the output folder and the subfolders are not cleared?

Best Regards,

No, the subfolder is inside the source folder but it is cleared before the next run. (Note: Include subfolders wasn’t checked) (*… Might be interesting to check that to see if it continues to recurse???)

Hello AiDon,

I still cannot reproduce this issue. Here is what I did:

I have a folder batchIn, which has a sub-folder sub-1, and sub-1 contains some image files.

  1. I choose sub-1 as the dest folder, and I got the warning message box, I clicked OK button on the message box, leaving the Batch Setup dialog still active
  2. I deleted all the files in sub-1
  3. I choose sub-1 as the dest folder again, I got no warning message box.

I have repeated this several times with variations, but as long as I remove all the files (and sub-folders) in the dest folder, re-selecting that folder has no warning message.

Best Regards,