V 7.0.0 issues with slow processing/artifacts

From 6.3.3. to 7.0.0. extremely low processing since I had to disable neural engine (Mac Mini M1) causing lot of artefacts resizing high resolution portraits photos. I should have not upgraded 6.3.3 was perfect faster and no artefacts at all in same situations.
How can I go back to 6.3.3. ???

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Yeah, how to go back to 6.x? Mine is also doing strange things… like scale factor is lot less than in 6.x

Just download the release that performed best from here:

Uninstall the 7.0.0 and reload the old version.

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yes, version 7.0.0 is extremely slow compared to version 6.3.3.

I’m currently planning to temporarily downgrade until this speed issue is resolved.

please to the topazlabs team, pay attention to the complaints of users here

btw you can downgrade here:

[Windows ] hxxps://downloads.topazlabs.com/deploy/TopazGigapixelAI/6.3.3/TopazGigapixelAI-6.3.3-windows-x64-Full-Installer.exe,

[Mac ] hxxps://downloads.topazlabs.com/deploy/TopazGigapixelAI/6.3.3/TopazGigapixelAI-6.3.3-osx-Full-Installer.dmg

Source: hxxps://community.topazlabs.com/t/gigapixel-v6-3-3/38730

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We are aware of this issue but without knowing more about a specific users machine or image, it’s hard to reproduce. Some users have expressed better performance, whereas users like yourself are experiencing less than desired results.

I will also have to downgrade to version 6.3.3. V7.0.0 was much slower than V6.3.3 but after today’s upgrade to V7.0.1 I can practically no longer work properly with it. The editing time is not only doubled, but much more - I stopped the process after 1/4 hour, which used to take only single minutes with V6.
Due to the long times, I have not even had the opportunity to determine whether V7 achieves better results.
I hope the cause and solution will be found soon.

My working environment:
Windows 10 (most recent version)
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v5 @ 3.50GHz
2 SSDs and 1 SATA 8TB drive

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