V 3.x.x freezes or crashes the computer

On my Mac Pro 2019 (Mac OS 13, AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 GB) version 3.x.x is very unstable.
Sometimes freezee or complete crashes the computer
Compared to version 2.6.4, the results are not convincing and significantly slower than v. 2.6.4.
I also miss the setting options and the compare button. For me, VAI 2.6.4 is the better choice at the moment.

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Had freezes too.

Now I got a memory error and V3 stopped. Multiple times.
Free space is OK on HD, so it looks like a bug. Maybe related to just one movie file here.
Currently another job is running, this now works, but its at least 3 times slower than V2
MacMini M1

with the update to v 3.0.3 the app is still unstable and crashes frequently.

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Moved back to 2.64 (which is stable and snappier)
3.0.3 crashed on finishing a 3 day render job, had an error with a red x, clicking on to see the error message crashed the app. The movie file seems OK, so it happend after finalisation.
Then I loaded a 4k movie which needed sharpening, on every preview the app crashed.
Same file in 2.64 works.
3.0.3 also threw many ffmpeg errors on other movies, very unstable and not usable.
I always reboot the machine after each render job, even with low mem settings at the end it starts to use swap (16 and 24gig M1/M2 Macs)

I’m having the same issues with the program crashing. It was recommended that I use version 2.64 for my computer (intel processor). How do I go back to a previous version?

I’ve had some terrible stability issues on 3.0.4 - doesn’t seem able to go for longer than a few minutes without crashing.

The really amazing part of this is that only VEAI crashed - ffmpeg is still chugging along in the background and producing output PNGs. ffmpeg seems to have the log file open constantly, so I ended that process to see what killed VEAI, and found this:

OpenCV: terminate handler is called! The last OpenCV error is:
OpenCV(4.5.5) Error: Insufficient memory (Failed to allocate 12441600 bytes) in cv::OutOfMemoryError, file C:\.conan\46d7a7\1\source_subfolder\modules\core\src\alloc.cpp, line 73

Same here. Crashing, crashing, crashing, crashing… Why on earth was this new version released to the public, I don’t get it. Far from stable. Beta at best. And I’m on version 3.04 now. 3 crashes within 30 minutes.

I’m on 3.04. When I load an MP4 file and ask for even a 2x enlargement, the program evaporates to the desktop. I am going to go back to the prior version. There have been a few instances where I would have to go to a video driver which my Avid system will not support.
Win 10 64bit pro all the latest updates.
Dennis Freeman

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Also having crashing problems on 3.0.4. Tried to process a video overnight and it froze the computer about an hour into a six hour job.

3.0.4 is still crashing.
Had 3 freezes of the app when working and 2 crashes.
Render jobs here are on a MacMini M1, 16gig. 4k upscales with mostly 3 days render time.
Memory use set to 50% to avoid 1-2gig swap use.

It seems to run better on my M2 MacBookAir 24gig.
Render jobs here are usually 36h to 3 days for each movie, so crashes cost a lot of time.

3.05 seems to be more stable. No crashes, no problems, its running on 3 Macs here, M1, M2, Intel

Video AI v 3.0.6 Still freezes after some minutes.
Mac Pro 2019, AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 GB.

You know, much as I love to hate on v3, what it does NOT do for me, like ever, is crash. Memory usage here is set to 90% (default), on a RTX 3080 Ti, with 12G (assuming VEAI even means VRAM). I have 64G normal DRAM.

V3.05 had a 6 day render job, finished without problems on an intel imac.
Installed 3.06 on 2 M Macs, it crashed a 14h render job after around 12h.
Other jobs with 3.06 are running fine.
Stability could be better, but is it already better than version pre 3.05

3.06 crashed again, upgraded to 3.07, it crashed on the first render job too.
But only on my MacMini M1 16gig.
All HD to 4k upscales, usually 12h render jobs each.
Memory use is set far below 100% so that no swap is used.

It runs fine on my MacBookAir M2 24gig and Intel iMac 40gig.

In TVAI? Isn’t there an issue with it not working when it’s not set to 100%? I seem to remember that being reported when TVAI first came out. I’ve never seen an update saying it was fixed. I don’t have a mac so I didn’t pay close attention.

no more crashes since 3.08, seems stable. Got multiple 4k render jobs lasting a week and longer, all fine on M1 and M2 Mac.

Same to me. Version 3.2.3 always crashes/freezes on different movies. When I try to edit/upscale a movie the whole system freezes. Not usable for anything. I can’t write more because it always happens. So not on a specific setting.

I am very annoyed. Something like this should simply not happen.

  1. Preview works but not upscaling a whole movie. Freeze of whole system.
  2. Mac Pro 2019, MacOS Ventura 13.3.1, 96 GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 GB with newest version of Topaz Video AI 3.2.3

Same for me. On MacPro 2019 v3.2.3 is unusable

Hi All! @meimeiriver @ForSerious @tobias @altern @steinroeder @dfree70

The intel Mac fixes for system crashes, OOM failures, overheating, etc. will be out in 13.4, the beta version of the OS should be out this week. It would be great if there are users that can try out the Mac OS Beta once it is out to confirm the fix :slight_smile: