UX for View Option and Preview Update

View Option

When Photo AI is open full screen, I typically view in “side-by-side view” mode at 100% zoom. It would be amazing if I could toggle with a checkbox (or something like the right and left on/off switch that’s currently used) for viewing multiple of the different “AI Models” at once.

I love being able to choose between the different models and make selections that best represent the image I’m working on. But if I could view 3, 5, or all 6 plus the original in a more split screen, it would be a lot easier to compare the different models.

Perhaps there are 4 split images, 3 models, and 1 original to start with to keep it easy. It could be the last 3 models that have been selected if the checkbox is too hard to design.

Preview Update

When switching between models, the AI preview pixelates default to the original while processing. It would be great if it just changed from one to the next without it switching to the original between. I have to try and remember what the last one looked like for the 10-20 seconds it takes for the preview to update, and that’s with a decent computer. I upgraded from 8 GM RAM, M1 processor, to 32 GB RAM and M2 processor, so I could imagine the gap between the previews is longer with slower computers.

Thanks for writing in to us here and for that suggestion! We’ve had a few users request this recently and it has been brought up to some of the developers to consider.

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: