Ut Oh, Strange Results - any ideas?

Here is the workflow.
-Took a raw RW2, ran it through new PR SharpenAI, saved as TIF
-Took TIF into TS, cropped, AIC and Basic (only adjusted white/black points), saved as TIFF (since TS doesn’t have TIF)

  • Took that TIFF file into new PR Gigapixel, 4x and None, None, don’t change format.
  • Jpeg was ok, but Tif is very weird. Below is a screenshot of the file I brought into Gpxl in the upper left corner.
  • I ran it again in our Beta and received the same results. Also had a friend run it through Gpxl with the same results.

Here is the file I submitted to Gpxl. The forum doesn’t allow upload of Tiff so here is a link that will be active for 20 downloads or 1 day.

Just change the extension to TIF in the save dialog.

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Recreated this. Very strange indeed. @topazjosh Take a look at this. Something in the metadata may be causing the new tif output logic to produce this psychedelic output. I’ll send you the file internally.

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Ruh-Roh is right! Unless you wanted to create an anime graphic. In which case, it’s cool.

Almost looks like what happens when a Ps Exclusion blend mode gets applied…

Sorry, I got lost in some of the acronyms… not that I can troubleshoot. But wanted to understand what you’re working with.

What is:

  • RW2 - Panasonic proprietary raw?
  • AIC
  • TS
  • Assuming PR Sharpen AI is the commercial rel. (is it the 1.1.0? version or whatever the most current version is)

TS Topaz Studio
AIC AI Clear
Yep, all most recent releases


Sorry, forgot this one. Yep, Panasonic proprietary raw.

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We have figured out what was causing this issue and have a fix in place for it. A patch should be coming soon.

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