Using Wacom tablet keeps preview in "Viewing Original"


Photo AI V1.2.2
macOS 12.6.3
M1 Mac Studio
Wacom Intuos Pro M PTH-660
Wacom Tablet Driver Version: 6.4.1-1

Using a Wacom pen makes the preview disappear when panning the image. Mouse and Wacom tablet gestures work fine.
No Wacom setting I have tried helps (e.g., double click distance).

Zoom the preview image (anything but fit to screen). Pan the preview with the pen >> the preview image reverts to the original image. I cannot see the processed preview. This happens in all preview modes.
Toggling preview modes display the processed preview. You have to toggle between side-by-side and full frame not to re-centre the image when zoomed in. The preview disappears again when you drag the image with the cursor. Very annoying and slows down the workflow.

Thanks for the report! We’ve reproduced this issue and will investigate.

We confirmed this issue and are working on a solution!