Using Video Enhancer AI to add HDR to videos

I was wondering if Video Enhancer AI could utilize a support to convert SDR videos into HDR videos with the correct colorspace and metadata?

An inspiration idea comes from the RED cameras utilization feature called “HDRX” Where the camera would shoot both: A normal exposed frame and an Underexposed frame simultaneously. Then the exposed and underexposed frames are edited together to make an HDR frame.

I was thinking that for making the Video Enhancer AI to add HDR to video, why not use two cameras? One that shoots the intended video setup at the normal exposure, while using a second camera to capture the underexposed video. Video enhancer AI would then take the underexposed video as a reference, train itself and then convert the normal exposed video into a High-Dynamic Ranged video with Metadata.

Being able to create an HDR video footage using Video Enhancer AI would be challenging but something to experiment or implement upon. Also to take into consideration, the color management to get the HDR AI enhancing would need to be worked upon to allow editing without any odd/weird effects such as artifacting or incorrect colorspace data.


I think this is a great idea and you should work for this. I think you need to spend a lot of time to make such an AI. Making High dynamic videos from a normal video with just a software is pretty cool. I think you can even sell it.