Using Topaz Producs offline

I recently returned from a safari trip in Kenya, it was great.
But unfortunately I could not work with Topaz products because there was no Wifi in the tent.
With Adobe products there was no problem at all.
Please fix it as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t need wifi to use the products if you own them and they have been downloaded to your computer.

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The legacy products used a static license key so they could work offline (ie no internet).

If I’m not mistaken, the new products must have a mandatory check in with the license server. I’m not aware if there is a temporary fallback procedure for that.

You have piqued my attention. I was “almost” sure that I’ve used the apps when my Internet was down. Working on photos is what occupies my time and wards away boredom during those times and I’ve never come across a problem. You wouldn’t get a notice of an update or anything like that that pops up when opened but it shouldn’t interfere with a loaded program unless it was subscription based. Next time, my wifi is down I’ll be sure to make note. I have everything that Topaz offers and all my apps were current through Sept other than the legacy ones and I won’t be renewing the AL’s until some incredible update comes out. Thank you.

This is terrible, being unable to use it without connecting to the internet. Why not authenticate with a 30-day token or something to this effect so I can use my software on the road?

I believe that is the way it happens, it is authenticated then is useable offline until the next authentication is required.

Can you explain the problem you are experiencing?