Using Studio Presets (from Preset Sharing)

Don, is this the process to use these presets in Topaz Studio 2? If not correct please modify accordingly.

  1. Download file from Dropbox
  2. Open in Topaz Studio 1
  3. Save as a preset in Topaz Studio 1
  4. Import saved preset into Topaz Studio 2 using “Migrate Custom TS1 Presets” found in the Help menu
  5. Use as a Look in Topaz Studio 2. (Note: The latest versions allows you to import presets multiple times instead of just once)

.tsp files can’t be opened in Studio 1

Any .tsp image needs to be copied to the My Looks folder in the following directory on Windows … for Mac someone else can provide the details of where they are kept:

%LocalAppData%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2\Looks\My Looks

That’s the only place they can be opened - that’s the native Studio 1 format.

My apologies, I thought they were converted into Look files (.tpr) so you are right with your processes Paul as you will need to create a preset in Studio 1 and then migrate it.

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Yes, John.

I am on the search and about to give up with trying to find a .tsp for a teal sketch or maybe SCo Flowers sketched in teal…I had it then upgraded and lost several .tsp’s…do you or does anyone have this effect that they could share with me?
This was in studio 1.
Thanks for your time and hope that someone has this.

Could someone provide the same info for Mac? Thanks much.

Exactly same for the Mac, open the .tsp file in Studio 1, save as a preset, then import into Studio 2.

In Topaz Studio One, I had a lot of custom presets in My Effects. They don’t appear in T2. Anyone know how to get them there?

Try @ShazzyCo :slight_smile:

TS2 has a migration facility under the Help menu

Do you still have Studio 1? If yes, it shpuld still be there or you can just do a search for ‘teal’ and it brings up three (incl. the one by ShazzyCo you mentioned).
How come you "lost several .tsp’s’ ? Did you use the migration utility mentioned above?

I typed ShazzyCo in search of effects and saw lots of nice ones but not the one I am looking for…and not SCo Flowers sketched in teal. Thankyou for trying to help

when I updated some time back I lost several pages of tsp’s. Never able to figure out why. Did a reset of database…uninstalled and re-installed and they just never came back. Went from 16 pages of presets to 12 and that is still what I have now. That was one of them. I had used that effect to print out 4 of my 7 grandchildren’s pictures. still had 3 left to do and the tsp. was gone. :frowning:
Anyway…I am on the search still and hope against hope someone might have it and be allowed to share it. Thanks for your assistance.

@jpkwitter5 - Open TS1, do a search of ‘teal’ and SCo Flowers sketched in teal is one of the three that come up (at least for me it does), then just click the little heart and it should be included in your migratable favourites.

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if this migration doesn’t work might try

Open TS1, search for required preset … if you find it … add an adjustment (I just add a Basic Adjustment - but don’t adjust anything) … then save the preset with a name meaningful to you … then it will be one of your presets and should be able to be migrated across to TS2.

I will see about putting a project file for the SCo Flowers sketched in teal in the dropbox

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this is all I get on search…I would be so thankful if you could somehow put SCo flowers back in somehow. Just so you know the pictures printed beautifully…you did a fabulous job with this effect!
thanks for your help

@jpkwitter5 Pat I just put TS1 and TS2 project files for the teal sketch effect into the shared dropbox.

Not really sure how to use the dropbox so I hope it is available for people to retrieve.

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Thankyou so much but I too don’t know how to access the dropbox. I don’t see where it is. If anyone else is reading this could you please offer advice on how to access the files?
Thankyou so much for all your time.

I don’t know how to use dropbox either but have thought of something else to try.
I have opened the effect in TS1, modified it very slightly (decreased opacity to 0.99) and then saved it as a new public effect myself. I have named it “Rasmus for Pat”.
Pat - pls do a search in TS1and see if you can find the effect that way.