Using Remask Plug in in Studio

At times I need a more precise masking tool in Topaz studio. My Remask plugin is accessible through Studio. but saving always results in creating a selection with a clear background. Is there a way that I can select a background or a color in Remask and export it to Topaz Studio, or must I use Remask in Photoshop or as a stand alone?

When you say ‘Saving’ do you mean when you click OK to return to Studio. Because it creates does create a transparency as you can see in the attached screenshot. If you are “Save as” to disk then if you view in Photo or any other photo viewer it will show with a white background.

Also when you “Save as” from Studio it must be TIFF not JPEG. Opening that in say PS will show a transparent background.

If you are trying to make a composite in ReMask, i.e. colored or image background, it must be saved to disk as it cannot be returned.

You are right, Don. However, there is only an OK button, unless I choose the Background replacement option. Then I can choose save As. This works in Tiff or Jpeg but the change only takes place on my disk or drive. However, when I choose a color background, my only choice is ok. This changes the color in Remask, but does not change the image in Studio or on my drive or disk.

Ahhh, I see what you mean … just raise a technical support request and ask for an explanation.

Maybe @JoeFedric-TL can take it from here because in the standalone the Save as option is active.