Using Photologo Generated Signatures with Topaz Studio

I have a signature logo from Photologo, is there a way to use this in Topaz Studio? I have the full 24 adjustment pack in Studio.

If you have (or convert) it to a png with a transparent background, load it at the same time as the image you are working on.

When ready, with your photo selected, drag & drop your signature .png file on to the adjustment stack on the right.This will open your signature in an image layer and you can adjust size and placement.

LMK if you need more info. But if this doesn’t make sense, to give you an animated visual, some of Rad Drew’s webinars use this process.

I have imported a logo I created as a texture (png) into the Texture adjustment and use it from there. It can be moved, resized and further adjustment quite easily as a texture. Note I named the category 00 signature so it would be at top and easy to find.


Great idea Sharon!

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