Using older custom Dione models in v2.40

For one of the previous 2.x version i created a custom model based on the Dione DV v2 but using progressive source files which were converted vom PAL 50i to 50p, which turned out much better than the interlaced presets in VEAI. So i changed the DV v2 to my custom DV progressive v2 and the results were absolutely great.

Now i switched to v2.40 and even after copying my custom model files into the models folder of the new version my custom model does not show up anywhere.

Of couse i tried to use pre-installed models instead, but none of these came even close to the quality i got with my custom preset.

It’s pretty frustrating right now, since i cannot continue converting my videos in the best quality possible.

Maybe anyone knows how to use older models (which worked until early 2.x i guess) with the new v2.40 ?