Using GPU & CPU in parallel

There is my simple concept of using GPU & CPU in parallel to reduce processing time. It can be achieved an improvement of -10% of the total time.
To avoid “crossing” of work at the same data stream, CPU processing can be done from the end, backwards.
The only technical problem I see here is the “point of the meeting” of GPU and CPU processing to ensure smooth concatenation.
What do you think?


Quite interesting idea. Apple recently went into similar ideas for connecting computers of different speeds to let them render and finish images together at the same time by taking into account their individual working speed abilities.

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Thomas has an intersting idea.

For those of us running high core count CPU’s this would definately be benefital. Maybe have the CPU process audio while GPU does video? or have VAEi alocate frames based on the video frame rate (Example: 24 FPS, CPU 3 Frames and audio while GPU 21 Frames) adjustment made based on hardware capabilities. We could also, based on hardware specs allocate a certain percentage of the file to be processed to the CPU and remaining to the GPU and combine them at the end?

Devs? Thoughts?