(Using 7.1.3) Set to Output at 300ppi But Getting 72ppi Finished Images

So I went back to version 7.1.3 because the latest version was taking a very long time to process.

Now everything is great, except when I input my settings for my upscaled image, both in Preferences AND in the current image menu, I say “300dpi”, but the resulting image is only 72dpi.

Using the Model “LowRes v.1” as it does an excellent job on image quality.

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

All replies genuinely appreciated!

We are aware of this bug. This is happening because of the metric is on PX.

Please change the metric to IN or CM and then put the PPI/PPCM to 300.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.07.41 AM

Thanks for your quick response. That worked!

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I’m glad to hear that!

The dpi/ppi are a relative size, not an absolute one and more from a theoretical interest. Your Image only consists of pixels. As digital data they do not have a physical size and therefore no physical pixel density. Gigapixel can only increase the pixel count. It is not able to transform a digital image without physical size into an image with a physical size and a physical pixel density. Some applications will not even take into account the desired printing/displaying dpi/ppi in the meta data. the only valid numbers are the pixel width and height. You can easy calculate those with my batch file: dpi to pixel.zip (262 Bytes)