User manual for Studio? Operational Questions?

Is there a user manual or any complete, indexed, organized documentation for Studio? If so, where? Thanks.

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Good question

In short the answer is no. But there are many, many tutorials on the blog and YouTube and there is a Working with Topaz Studio introduction here:

Is there a tutorial, either written or video, that explains all of the UI elements in Studio and where features are located?

Try the following:

  1. Choose Clarity in Studio.
  2. Click the category drop-down and choose Landscape.
  3. Click the Search icon and enter Sunset then press Enter.

What must I do at this point to disable the search and see all of the landscape presets again?

I was finally able to turn the search off by deleting the text in search box, clicking the category drop-down and choosing All, clicking in the search box and pressing Enter and finally clicking in the category drop-down and choosing Landscape again. While this got me back to where I was before using Search it is a ridiculous set of gyrations. What is the right way to terminate a search? Thanks.

All if the intro videos for Studio show toolbars on the right and left sides of the photo being edited. Those toolbars are not visible in my copy of Studio. How do I make them visible or, if they have been removed, how do I access the tools that were on the toolbars?

I hope this helps

Try clicking the little arrows about 2/3 of the way down Sharron’s picture. You may have inadvertently closed the panels. They look like > and < on each side to open them. Many close down the one on the right if you do not need it to give the imabe more room.

Thanks Sharon. Big help. I have to add a small rant. I am a long time Topaz user and fan but I am also a retired programmer. Making the big blue Adjustments look like a label instead of a drop-down list is inconsistent with the other drop-down lists in the UI and, therefore, reduces discoverability. It is a classic example of everything we are taught not to do in UI design classes. If the architects want emphasis they should put a blue box (or whatever) around a standard drop-down list control.

Is there any way to sort the presets in Detail, Clarity, etc. in Studio alphabetically? Having them in seemingly random order makes finding the preset I want unacceptably difficult. Thanks.

There is a categorisation section which you can add new presets to and therefore find them by categories aand I believe some sort of sorting system is in the pipeline.

“There is a categorisation section which you can add new presets…” Where? How? I cannot find it.

Underneath the right hand panel there is a small box which contains the ‘opacity’ slider, slightly above this there are three icons - a ‘stack of layers’ which allows you to save your preset as a category, allowing you to give it a name and decide which category it goes into.

If you know the name of the preset you want then you can find it by going to the left hand panel, click on the stack of layers top left, scroll down to ALL then use the ‘Search’ to find any preset. Type in the name of the preset in the box and press enter on your keyboard.

Thanks. How can I change the category that a preset is in?

I think it is only possible to add it to a new one.

I have just added Details to Topaz Studio. How can I add presets to or remove presets from the My Detail Collection collection?

I can tag presets as favorites. Is there any way to view only the presets that are tagged as favorites?

See them under the Personal/Favourites category.

When you save the preset select Detail and you are able to select the category.

Thanks for your reply. I must be missing something. What “Personal/Favouites category”? If I am in Detail and click the sub-categories drop-down I see All, Creative Detail, Highlight Detail, My Detail Collection, Shadow Detail, Smooth Detail and Stylized Detail. There is no Personal/Favourites.

Regarding my second question, you are assuming far more knowledge than I have. I have no idea how to save a preset. How do you get the Save effect dialog to appear? Also, there are three effects in the My Details Collection by default. I did not put them there. How can I get them out of that collection?


Firstly there are many tutorials on how to use Studio on the blog but first read through this Introduction in the Working in Topaz Studio section …

If you look on the left under Personal, My Effects appear there … at the bottom on the right there is an icon that lets you save presets …