User Interviews Request - those that use Gigapixel AI for high-resolution printing

Hi all,

We’re currently exploring ways to improve the Gigapixel AI experience for one of our primary user workflows: image enlargement for high resolution printing. We’ve been exploring various features that would help facilitate this workflow better, while keeping the product simple and easy to use for all of our customers.

Before we do this, we need feedback from users whose use-case align with this goal. If your primary reason for using Gigapixel in your image editing workflow is to create high-resolution prints, then we want to talk to you. This would consist of a 15-20 minute phone call and an invitation to beta test the new features when they become available.

If you’re interested, please send me a message here or reply to this thread. You can also email me at, and we can set up a time to chat.

Thank you!
Taylor Bishop
Gigapixel AI Product Developer


I’m interested in participating in beta testing. I’m an owner of HP Z3100 44” printer and often pint large images.