User Interface

I have a suggestion for improving the user interface of Topaz Photo AI. When I am working with a series of images that I’m upscaling, I always go in and test different models in the sub-menu “Enhance resolution”. In this menu, I choose between Standard, High Fidelity, Graphics, or Low resolution and adjust the settings. Once I’m satisfied, I use “Save” and close the images. However, when I drop in a new set of images for the same round, the “Enhance resolution” menu closes, and I have to open it again each time.

Could you please change the interface so that it does NOT close open sub-menus as long as the program is running, but keeps those tabs open until I eventually close the entire program? Alternatively, could you create this as a selectable setting to turn off or on this “reset function”? I think it could greatly improve the workflow efficiency.

Kind regards
Øystein Gutu