User defined Time menipulation

In CG, we very need to do time ramps where we control the speed of a clip in post.

Think bullet time. At the start of a shot, its real-time, then we slow down to bullet time, and before the end, we ramp back up to real-time.

I just had to do this one job, and I tried to use Topaz. What I ended up doing is rendering the WHOLE clip out at 800% length for a bullet time slow-motion over the whole shot. Then in post we sped up the front and end of the shot back to realtime and tried to diel in the ramp by hand. This has just okay results, and we still had frame blending issues.

If Topas Video AI had a Speed graph that we could make those time manipulations in the App, that would be a life saver.

Dare I ask what stops you from doing that in your CG program? (It’s been a few years, and I only used Blender, but that is totally something I had control of before it got rendered into images/a video.)