User Benchmarks in TPAI

It would be very helpful if we also had the possibility to perform user benchmarks in TPAI as in TVAI.
There are benchmarks on the Internet, but only with the latest hardware and only for one OS platform (Mac OR Windows) and not cross-platform.
With the benchmarks of all participating TPAI users you have a good overview of the performance of your own computer, and it also helps in the selection and purchase of new hardware!

I would be happy if I am not the only one who requests this feature and if it will be realized in one of the next releases!

Thanks a lot in advance!

@Ulrich_Pohl That’s an interesting suggestion.

We have a system requirements page but if there’s enough demand from users to see where their machine stands then this is potentially something we could build.

System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI

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@tim.he Thanks for your answer!
But it’s not only about seeing where our device stands, but also about finding out which individual components bring added value in terms of performance when purchasing new hardware.
In the TVAI User Benchmarks forum, for example, a user was able to decide for himself that a cheaper graphics card could definitely keep up with more expensive models and chose the inexpensive model.
And it would be a good help in deciding whether to change the OS because of the performance.

I am curious how other users find the idea!

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Thanks for clarifying!

Let’s see what others say!

Hello Tim,

have you already thought about this topic?

Best regards

Great idea!

Not that I have any great plans for upgrading at the moment but since I’m running a somewhat unusual (I suppose) setup with Windows installed as a VM with GPU passthrough with Linux Mint as host it could always be nice to see how that compares with other computers.

(I currently pass through a AMD RX 6700 GPU and usually dedicate 12 threads of the 24 I have on my Ryzen 9 5900x and 16GB of RAM to Windows)

Let’s see what the developers think of it :slight_smile:

It is not only performance but issues that arrive when using certain platforms and OS. Both in this forum and Skylum (luminar NEO) most of the problems happen with Macs and Nvidia GPUs (drivers mostly). I use Windows 11 and AMD RX 5600 XT GPU and rarely have any problems with updates.

I think some performance tests would be helpful, but this would require the use of a standard picture that users would download because picture size and perhaps content could affect times. Unless Topaz includes a benchmark test in the program. We can only compare one version of PAI to be consistent.

Systems that are benchmarked by users can be seen at Here is mine:
Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 5 WIFI Performance Results - UserBenchmark

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You are right, an integrated and thus standardized benchmark is the only correct way.

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