Used by some in preparation of exotic cocktails

“Telemacro” shot from about 10 meters with a Nikon P1000


how are you enjoying your P1000 … I have a P900 but thinking about getting the p1000


I like the ease of going from close-up to distant objects and the ability to fill the view with a “close-up” that is meters from the camera

Image quality is not as good as say the Sony RX10 with a larger sensor, and 3 lbs is heavy, but zooming and close-up functions are a lot of fun.

I carry mine with an attached monopod and am still able to exposure bracket. (although the three bracketed images are captured more slowly than with other cameras I own

I’ve posted another example in the scenery and architecture showoff section. In contrast to the p900, the p1000 captures raw images

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